Swiss Krono Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]


Chipboard and wood-based products factory


Swiss Krono Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]


Ul. Serbska 56, Żary

SCOPE OF WORK:                                                                                                                          

Since 2005, we execute construction and executive projects for the reconstruction, redevelopment and expansion of the factory in Żary for Swiss Krono Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] (formerly Kronopol). These projects concern engineering and architectural matters.

Selected projects include:

1. Construction of KT-9 boards laminating processing line

2. Redevelopment of a production hall relating to a construction of HPL/CPL laminates production line

3. Construction of raw material receival facilites for raw material III storage yard

4. Construction of a milled wood-based panels production line

5. Construction of car parks

6. Expansion of methanol unloading area

7. Construction of chemical and petroleum products warehouse 

8. Construction of glue and formalin tanks in the adhesives production department

9. Reconstruction of a garage

10. Renovation of an elevation and entrances of an office building

11. Expansion of urea unloading facility

12. Modernisation of a woodchipping facility

13. Turbogenerator and fan cooler building

14. Construction of an electrostatic precipitator